Check-Inside is 2D-Ventures’ consulting branch. Our strong experience with change caused by high-tech allows us to get into and move in new markets quickly. We focus our consulting services portfolio on three areas which all require non-linear methods to become successful:.

  • Innovation within companies
  • Strategy and growth
  • Business plans for informal markets

In our experience most aspects of corporate business affairs are well understood, well documented and backed-up by many service providers too. This includes most of R&D, sales and finance. Especially all those areas which can be described and implemented by linear methods belong to this group. However, neither large nor small firms can limit themselves to areas covered by linear methods if they want to become or remain top-notch.

In our business lives, we all come to a point in time when good advice is sparse and expensive. In our experience this is primarily in areas where non-linear thinking and respective action is required, where new territory has to be entered and chartered. In these areas we rarely find guidance and reliable friends. We in 2D-Ventures consider such new territory exciting and demanding. That’s exactly where Check-Inside consulting focuses on.

We structure our consulting services portfolio in the three businesses ‚innovation within companies‘, ‘strategy and growth’ and ‘business plans for informal markets’. Based on our extensive experience with diverse industries and geographies we offer targeted and tailored consulting engagements in these three areas.